• Lion
  • World Record New Zealand Tahr
  • SCI Record Book Australian Water Buffalo
  • Persian Ibex
  • World Record Nile Cape Buffalo
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Headhunter Chronicles is a series focused on the pursuit of all huntable animals worldwide by renowned big game hunter, Jason Bruce. Fueled by his passion for each hunt, the series follows a woodsman and outdoorsman who has been fortunate enough to see the world through the lens of his binoculars and spotting scope. Jason has taken over 160 species on 6 different continents and has had over 15 Archery World Records as well as 17 Top 10 Animals. These unique, record setting hunts will be chronicled and documented for the world to see in every new episode. Conducting multiple first ever exploratory hunts and traveling to never before seen locations, Headhunter Chronicles invites the viewer to join Jason on the entire hunting experience bringing integrity and respect to the species, habitat, outfitter, and culture of each destination we visit. Hear the stories, live the hunt, and see the world through the eyes of a Headhunter.